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Augmented Reality in Education

11/01/2013 by isilboy · 3 Comments · EdTech


Augmented reality is a 3D learning environment which connects real and virtual world. It provides interactive tools for learning, and  fosters informal learning. Besides, augmented reality increases motivation and engages learners. Above all, augmented reality is good for kinesthetic learners; it enables learners participate interactively with computer generated simulations.

My Top 3 Augmented Reality Apps:

  1. Quick Writer: is a text editor which enable you to watch things while you are typing. It is a great app for teachers who regularly attend conferences. :)
  2. Snapshop: helps you visualize furniture in your own home or classroom using augmented reality. It is an incredible app to practise furniture vocabulary.
  3. String:  is a magical app which recognizes framed pictures, and shows 3D objects as if they existed in the real world.

 Digital Storytelling with Augmented Reality:

Zooburst:  is a digital storytelling app that lets you create your own 3D pop-up book. It allows you to rotate around your book by touching and dragging the screen. With its Augmented Reality mode, you can create your own 3D pop up book; and bring it into the real world.

How to Create Augmented Reality:

You can create augmented reality with Metaio!

Some Articles on Augmented Reality:


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