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Useful Mobile Applications for Online Learners

09/06/2012 by isilboy · 1 Comment · EdTech

Mobile applications which are generated almost on a daily basis help online learners, and it is now possible to create audio memos which is much easier than to jot down things on paper. Some useful free and paid applications for online learners are introduced below.

Blackboard Mobile Learn: Blackboard’s latest release is highly promising and is claimed to have been developed to create a more interactive learning experience. It enables push notifications which is extremely useful for online leaners to stay connected, and follow threads without even running the app. It also lets students receive notifications when new announcements and grades are posted. When we post something on the forums we may not be sure that it has been read but the push notifications seem to be very helpful by keeping us updated. (free)

Dropbox: This is a cloud-computing service which allows users to store documents, photos and videos. However, it is limited to 2GB, but users can get more space by suggesting friends. (paid)

Goodreader: This is a great application with many ingenious features. It is a PDF reader and an annotater app, but it also enables users to organize, and access any file; in addition, users can sync their documents with Dropbox. (paid)

Posterous: This is a great app to share ideas or maybe photos and videos. It can be used to write blog posts and lets users keep their posts private. (free)

Textgrabber: This app lets users extract texts from any printed sources, which is a perfect time saver for online learners. It also provides full-text translation. Thanks to Kristina Smith for suggesting this brilliant tool! (paid)

Docas: This is a pdf annotator and document reader only compatible with iPad. The key feature is that it allows users to annotate and create audio memos. (paid)

Pages: This is one of the best word processors, and lets users select the file format (Pages, PDF, Word) to share the document,  and it also works with iCloud by keeping the documents up to date automatically. (paid)

Diigo Offline Reader: This lets users save websites and download files to browse offline. (free)

Hope you find them useful, too! 

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